Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer treat

I was perusing Pinterest this afternoon, after coming inside from the heat, and I kept seeing all these posts about refreshing summer drinks. I decided I had enough in my kitchen to make one of my own!

Vanilla ice cream. Left over from Mother's Day when we had apple pie, which is never complete without vanilla ice cream on top. I used three scoops.

Agua de coco aka coconut water. Usually used in my green smoothies, figured it be great for my tropical smoothie. I used the whole can.

Crushed pineapple and a banana. I used about a cup of crushed pineapple and a large banana. It's canned pineapple. I've no doubt it would be divine with fresh but I went with what I had.

I threw it all in my blender with some ice (about 6 cubes from my tray) and it truly was perfect for this very warm, sunny afternoon.